We will use our tried and tested workshop methodologies to help capture your vision, the capability pillars that you will need to grow to achieve that vision, and the values that will underpin these capabilities. This helps communicate;

  • WHY you are doing what you are doing (Vision)
  • HOW you will behave while doing this (Values), and
  • WHAT you will need to deliver the vision (Capabilities)

This doesn't have to be at a company level - it could equally fit for an area of your business, or target a specific problem.


Road Maps

Now you know your strategic destination you need to create a solid plan for getting there. 

We will work with you to create a road-map that defines the high level milestones that need to be achieved. The timelines, resources, people, and budget estimations to help you get there. 

This process is fantastic to confirm that the vision can be achieved, helps everyone get to grips with what will actually happen. 

It sets and communicates the expectations for focus, budget, and delivery time-frames. 


Project Management

Once you know where you are going you need someone to manage getting there. Business change is a lot of work!  Our project managers use industry best practices, coupled with common sense, and great people skills, to get you where you need to go. Without someone driving change it often fades away! 

Project managers ensure timelines, budget, resources, and people are allocated, delivering as planned and risks are managed proactively.


Business Analysis

BA's are those special people who can help everyone around them figure out what happens, where it happens and who does it! This is a crucial step in any change as what is "known" about what happens today is usually found to be a little different to what actually happens. BA's make visible the current state and this then helps everyone confirm that the proposed solution(s) are the right ones. BA's are great at identifying (and delivering solutions to) the impact of changes to people, process and technology.   


Technical Specialists

The engine room - these people make technology change happen! We can supply, or partner with others, to make sure that the techo bits are done right. 

Technical people who can talk to business people are rare - so we make sure we are involved, communicating with you, and the tech specialists all the way. This ensures everyone is clear on whats happening and what the outcome will be.  Everyone is then freed up to do what they are best at and makes sure you are in control of the best outcome for your requirements.