About Us

After decades of working in the IT industry for various verticals, running business and growing teams, we decided to take what we’ve learnt and build a business that focuses on the development of our people and our customers. We know from personal experience, that markets, technology and businesses have to constantly change to survive. With all this change happening around us, it’s easy to get stuck in the forest of day to day tasks, so much so that you can only see the tree right in front of you.

We believe that having access to great people, who are experts in their own fields and know how to help customers navigate a constantly changing environment, is the key to reaching the top of the mountain, not investing in silver bullet solutions. We know that if our team and our customers aren't on the journey together, that even the best solutions in the world will not meet expectations. 

We set out to build a team that lives up to this standard and can help our customers get the right outcome. 

We chose the name TussockLine because we love the outdoors and one of the best feelings we know is reaching the tussock line after a hard uphill trek. Once you get there, you can stop to catch your breath and see how far you've come, see the forest laid out below you. We also know that there is still more climbing to do but now you can see the path ahead more clearly. 

We want to help our customer have this feeling in their business and trust that we'll be there helping them reach their goals.

Our Vision

To enhance regional businesses through guidance and technology.

Our Capabilities


Prioritise customers who behave as partners, regardless of their size. We will focus on partners by making sure the best people work with them.  


Attract and retain great people by offering a real work/life balance. We will find creative ways to support our people to enjoy a regional lifestyle while doing a great job.



Deliver what’s right for our customer now. We will ensure outcomes deliver as much value as possible to reduce any regret cost.


Connect regional talent to achieve better outcomes for our customers. We will recommend the right people regardless of who they work for.


Bring new ideas and ways of doing things to add value. We will equip our people to do this through training, mentoring, and a culture of lifelong learning.

Our Values

  • Grow and nurture trust.
  • Support each other.
  • Be professional.
  • Take risks to add value.
  • Look for a better way.


Marcel Schadt

Marcel Schadt

Marcel Schadt

Marcel started his career in IT in the late 90s when he moved from Taranaki, New Zealand to London. There he honed his skills working for a number of software development and IT service companies. 

He quickly learnt the importance of meeting or exceeding customers’ expectations. Simply building a great product didn’t guarantee success, you also needed a passionate and cohesive team who could pull together under pressure to help customers reach their goals. When he returned home to New Zealand, he brought these lessons back with him. 

Marcel chooses to work for organisations that want to make a difference. He has a passion for the region he was born in and enjoyed contributing to it while working a Tui Ora, Taranaki's largest kaupapa Māori health and social services provider, where he was a member of the senior leadership team. 

During his time at Tui Ora he become a advocate of a kaupapa Māori approach in business and when he moved on to his next role at Datacom, he adapted what he learnt to a corporate environment.

At Datacom, he grew a business from nothing to 28 people in just 4 years. He had a lot of help and again, saw the value of having a great team. His experience at Datacom reinforced his belief that a focused and passionate team could achieve great things. 

TussockLine is the company that Marcel will put everything he’s learnt in to practice, his goal is to build a successful team that cares about each other and their customers. 

Marcel has a strong people focus. He believes the greatest thing a leader can do is help people achieve their personal and career goals.

Kelvin Brace - Director

Kelvin Brace

Marcel Schadt

Marcel Schadt

Kelvin is born and raised in Taranaki, New Zealand and early on discovered a passion for technology and problem solving. This has led to the exciting challenge that is starting, and growing our new business - TussockLine. We want to be all about the regions people live in, while still delivering the best technology and business solutions. 

With over 20 years in the technology field Kelvin has spanned the gamut of industry verticals as well as technology solutions. Time spent in New Zealand (Utilities, Health, Legal and Resources sectors), Bermuda (Hedge Funds, Global Banking Corporations, Education and Government), Canada (Business structure, Managed Services) and Australia (Resources, Utilities, Health, and Global Technology Cloud Providers) have broadened his horizons. Projects spanning technical implementation of network and server devices to $2 Billion business asset purchases requiring business change means that Kelvin is capable of delivering designs and guidance in most technology and business arenas.

His ability to work with integrity, diligence, individually and in teams means that Kelvin is often seen as the “trusted advisor” with his clients and builds long lasting and mutually beneficial partnerships that extend well beyond the present engagement. He has many formal technology and business qualifications and is able to bridge theory to deliver “on the ground” solutions built on this formal and informal learning that is eagerly continued today.

Kelvin enjoys the outdoors and he and his wife now live on their dream property in Taranaki after returning from a number of years overseas where they are busy landscaping and enjoying all the fantastic opportunities that the region has to offer.